FMUSER VHF Slot Antenna HD-RDT-014 airson Band III (167 MHz gu 223 MHz) Craoladh


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modail  HD-RDT-014 
Raon tric  167 - 223 MHz 
Polarachadh  còmhnard 
Buannachd (4 sliotan) 9.5 dB 
VSWR  ≤ 1.10 (8 MHz) 
Ceangalaichean cur-a-steach  7 / 8EIA  1 5 / 8EIA 
Max. cumhachd gach pannal  2 kW  3 kW 
Impedance  50 Ω 
cuideam  30 kg 
Max. luas na gaoithe  36 m / s 
Stuth inslitheach  PTFE 
Stuth eileamaidean radaigeach  aluminium alloy 
Stuth radome  Fiberglass 

Iarr Cuibhreann

What is a VHF Slot Antenna and How does it Work?


The VHF slot antenna is one of the most common broadcast antennas designed for radio transmission in the VHF band. It is mainly used in TV broadcasting applications in the frequency range of 167-223 MHz. 


FMUSER band III VHF slot antenna for VHF broadcast station


The VHF slot antenna has horizontal polarization, omnidirectional horizontal radiation pattern, and narrow vertical radiation pattern, which is very suitable for digital and analog broadcasting.




The VHF slot antenna is mainly composed of the radiation cavity installed in the stainless steel structure. 


The antenna cavity and the stainless steel frame constitute the main body of the VHF slot antenna. The cavity is made of aluminum alloy, and four radiating elements form a rectangular aluminum resonator.


Horizontal radiation patterns of FMUSER band III VHF slot antenna

 Iarr Cuibhreann


When designing the cavity, our engineering team fully considered zero filling interpolation and beam tilt: 


  1. Tilt angle: 0.5 degrees
  2. Antenna gain: 11 dB
  3. Radiation (Horizontal): omnidirectional.


The stainless steel frame has the functions of installation and fastening to ensure the stability of the radiation cavity, and also has the functions of radiation and light protection. 


Since the large cavity is easy to deform, the stainless steel frame can ensure the hardness and stability of the radiation cavity. 


Horizontal directions diagram of FMUSER band III VHF slot antenna


The stainless steel frame can be directly fixed on the side of the tower without changing the shape of the cavity.




In general, the structure of a VHF slot antenna is relatively simple and generally consists of the following elements:


  • Stàilinn ath-neartachaidh
  • Còmhdach dìon
  • Rigid feed
  • Bratach
  • Port a-steach
  • Clàr-taice frèam
  • Antenna main body
  • Fiberglass cover


Iarr Cuibhreann






In terms of materials, our VHF slot antennas are manufactured from the following materials:


  • Marine brass
  • Copper
  • aluminium
  • Virgin Teflon


What Consists of a Complete VHF Slot Antenna System?


The following are the most basic VHF slot siostam antenna co-phàirtean:


  1. Independently fed VHF slot antenna
  2. The protection slot (slot cover or sealed full radome)
  3. Antenna coaxial cable (usually feeder cable, e.g.1-5/8'' coax)
  4. Pressurized feeder cable
  5. Antenna Mounting Mast/Bracket


Want to learn more? Please cuir fios thugainn with our sales team!


Of course, in addition to this equipment, during the installation process, you still need to pay attention to:


  1. Antenna installation location. You can mount our VHF slot antennas either on top of the tower, on the side of the tower, or upside down. If mounted on the side, consider tower width or mast diameter for good horizontal radiation. In general, VHF wavelengths are longer and mast diameter has little effect.
  2. For greater benefit. Stack two or more antennas vertically. Reasonable selection of the transmission line length of the line converter and the coaxial feeder between nodes can better solve the problems of zero-fill interpolation and beam tilt.
  3. Àirde na talmhainn
  4. Antenna installation height


FMUSER: High Gain VHF Slot Antenna Manufacturer


FMUSER has provided hundreds of TV broadcasters around the world with turnkey solutions that combine performance and flexibility, including high-quality slot antenna kits, online installation instructions, complete after-sales service, etc. 


We ensure your slot The antenna will be precisely matched to your broadcast tower and will continue to serve you for decades at maximum broadcast performance.


Prìomh fheartan ar Bathar


  • Còmhlan III (167-223 MHz)
  • The reliable manufacturing process (manufactured from brass, copper, aluminum, and virgin PTFE)
  • Dealbhadh trom-dhleastanas (an-aghaidh creimeadh, strì gaoithe, strì an aghaidh crith, msaa)
  • Other add-ons are welcomed, please contact us for more (conservative indication antenna power handling allows for increases. Available in power ratings from 1kW to 90kW, supports horizontal, circular, and elliptical polarization, azimuth and elevation modes, pressure or non-pressurized, etc.)
  • Excellent standing wave ratio.
  • Standard Heavy null fill
  • Horizontal, elliptical, or circular polarization options are available.
  • Standard azimuths and custom overlay modes are available.
  • Partial and full radomes for low wind loads (optional)
  • Online installation guide (please contact us if you need on-site guidance)
  • Professionally certified component soldering
  • Safety and performance testing before leaving the factory
  • Feeder cables and other antenna accessories (optional)


Iarr Cuibhreann


Finally, for more details, please leave a message, Cuir fios thugainn and tell FMUSER what you need exactly, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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